About Erica

About Erica

Erica was born in Pennsylvania but now calls California home. She earned an undergraduate degree in secondary education and French from Temple University and her masters in reading, writing and literacy the University of Pennsylvania. Erica has always had a passion for writing. Her first book, My Little Sister Penny, handwritten and self-illustrated was a huge hit with her parents. From school papers to diaries, Erica continued writing (and practicing her signature). So much so that she became a Reading Teacher, inspiring young children and always implementing a thematic book-making lesson, similar to the one that inspired her.

When she gave birth to her first child and had too many sleepless nights, she decided to write another book. One that was more than ten pages. One that she had always dreamed of, well before the sleepless nights. And that's where the real story began! Fueled by coffee and spinning classes, Erica writes, enjoys mommy-hood and believes that sleep is truly overrated!

Erica is also a pop culture media commentator and has been a guest speaker on Sirius XM's Stars "Broadminded," where she has discussed the dynamics of female friendships and "The RealHousewives." Erica has also been featured on CBS Radio, Boston with Dan Rea on "Nighstide," where she discussed "faux celeberties" and the desire to have it all.

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